About DepotBassam

I was always reluctant in starting a blog. Writing is not one of my favorite means of expression, plus I had the phobia of online exposure. However, as I started working in electronics, I decided that I should start sharing some of the ideas, projects, thoughts and experiences. So.. here it is, my way of giving back to the internet community whatever it provided me in the past.

As mentioned in the description, this blog is supposed to be about ideas, electronics, prototyping, do-it-yourself (DIY) technology, knowledge and arts. However I don't want to promise you anything, maybe this blog will have its own life and it will grow and develop the way it sees fit.

You might wonder how come arts is enlisted with topics relating to technology, well if you read my bio (press on the scary looking picture to the left) throughout my entire life I worked closely with arts and technology. And I plan to develop many ideas related to arts and technology in the coming few years, so I will be sharing all the development process. Feel free, to use and abuse everything you find here. Its all Copylefted. However, for existential reasons, I would like to request that you always reference to this blog and to the author.

Why DepotBassam? stayed tuned, and I will tell you why...