Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kickstarter 2014 - Pledges from the Arab world

Kickstarter released their numbers for 2014.While these numbers are amazing to look at and wonder about the worldwide impact of crowdfunding, I was interested in collecting some data related to the Arab world.

Here's a table showing the number of backers and the pledged dollar amount for the top Arab backer countries:

UAE is at the lead, followed by Oman in terms of number of backers, and Saudi Arabia in terms of pledged USD.

Only lately Kickstarter started allowing projects from a select few countries outside the US to run on its platform. Luckily Zoomal has been doing a great job as the leading crowdfunding platform in the Arab world, it would be interesting to see and compare how much money has been raised vs. spent in the Arab world on crowdfunded projects.


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  1. i think this shows that in UAE there is most support for community projects, self initiatives... i'd look at it as a developement indicator (speaks a lot)

    thanks for compiling the data!